As the 2014 Landscaping Victoria 'The Sustainable Landscape' award winner, Alison, as the Landscape Designer is on par with her contemporaries in metropolitan Melbourne. An entrant in the same category of Sustainable Landscapes was Phillip Johnson, of the Chelsea Flower Show fame. But his landscapes aren't sustainable as he claims - they are highly constructed.

Because Alison's gardens are a true testament to sustainability, Alison has been invited to work through the whole sustainable ethos with Landscaping Victoria, so that all entrants into this category, from 2016 will have a better understanding of what makes a sustainable garden.

Alison's passion is for creating gardens that work with nature. And as a mature-aged landscape designer, feels that the time is right to impart some of her knowledge to others who are interested in the concept of creating sustainable gardens.

As the owner and designer of Australia's first and only Ecotourism certified garden in South Australia, and as the certified tour guide for visitors to the garden, Alison is an inspirational speaker with a wicked sense of humour. She has a considerable range of knowledge to share with her listeners.

If you would like to book Alison to be a speaker for your event, please contact her on 0418 825 625 giving her plenty of notice. The talk can be done with props like PowerPoint, or just in a pure speaking role.