Timandra's Services

Timandra's resolve as professional landscape designers is to provide clients with a professional garden of creative design and quality, while working within a defined budget.



  1. Clients choose to use the option of a garden plan so that they can do the garden themselves over a certain time-frame, or to save on the cost of labour when done by professionals. But gardens for novices are not easy, even with a plan. So Timandra have devised a way to ensure that you get the best out of your professional, scaled plan.
  2. Every attempt is made to use a 1cm to 1 metre scale for easy conversion to the site. Over a large area, this may mean that numerous plans are required. Alison draws all of her plans free hand and doesn't use a CAD system. This enables better use of serpentine borders when required and curves which are not easily managed with CAD drawings. Once the client is satisfied with the finished design, the plans are then laminated to enable use outside.
  3. All plans are presented to scale with all plants named.
  4. Professional plans are time-consuming to put together and each finished plan is accompanied with a recommendation folder that will help the client put into place their new garden.
  5. It is strongly recommended that all plants be sourced through Timandra. These can be delivered to your site. These are the same quality plants that Timandra use when landscaping. Discount is provided to clients with an order >$1000 with a sliding scale discount  depending on the size of the order. Larger orders receive a greater discount. NB - Quotes are not given for orders.
  6. When plants are sourced through Timandra, any plant that is not available at the time of request can be substituted by Alison so that a totally appropriate alternative plant can be found. Plants are not constant in the market place, they change all the time. Any plant recommendations for a design are just that - recommendations. Substitutes sometimes need to be found. When you continue to deal with Timandra, this professionalism continues through the whole process.
  7. The intention of Timandra's Garden Plan service is to enable clients to have a professional, lasting and elegant garden that will endure; one that they can proudly say they have done themselves. This is a great alternative to the full landscaping service!


  1. Timandra provide the full landscaping service. This includes all plants direct from wholesalers, irrigation, retaining walls relevant to sustainability and the physical aspect of landscaping.
  2. Alison looks at alternative ways to design gardens to use the site as presented, therefore reducing costs and maintaining the sustainable integrity of the site. To ensure a lasting garden, this latter aspect is very important. This is where other, less knowledgeable landscapers go wrong.
  3. Alison has been designing and gardening for 40 years. Her previous work experience was as a registered nurse and midwife. So her life skills are significant and are an important aspect in the whole client relationship. As a mature person, Alison brings to the region a different perspective to the fad driven designs of other landscapers. 


PLEASE NOTE: All projects begin with a consultation. During this time, Alison will discuss with you the scope of work that is required, with every site being different. All aspects of the project need to be clearly understood by both parties and discussion needs to be made about the budget, so that the design is reflective of any budgetary constraints. Alison will need to know at the outset, whether you require only a consultation, discussing possible design ideas and plant suggestions, a scaled plan which can be presented to Council if necessary, or the full landscape proposal. If choosing the final stage, a very detailed quotation is provided for each client . It is a thorough and professional approach through all of the stages.

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