Looking for that awe-inspiring garden? One that really stands apart; that will add significant value to your property? From large country gardens to small courtyards, a good designer needs to have the plant knowledge and skillful design capability to adapt to any given situation. And Alison's award-winning designs are converted into superb landscaping by David. A prize-winning team to provide our clients with the best service!

Covering Warrnambool (3280), Port Fairy (3284), Portland (3305) and Hamilton (3300), Camperdown (3260), Geelong (3220), Mount Gambier (5290)
Timandra are one of the major leaders in Sustainable Landscape Design in Victoria.

Sustainability can use plants that are native, exotic or both. It is about how the site is interpreted from the outset; the aim being to minimise all hard landscaping while using a variety of different plants. These gardens are designed to last. The above garden is sustainable, albeit one that will require more maintenance, while the lower garden is more sustainable because of the limited maintenance - it is a more natural concept. Alison's skill will enable advice on any style of garden; the pre-requisite being the style of home that the garden is to embrace.


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Timandra Design & Landscaping's areas of specialty -

  • Professional Horticulturist with significant plant knowledge - Alison uses classic plants in her designs for real gardens
  • Arborist and arboriculturist  - advice re tree care and tree health, formative pruning, reports to council
  • Landscaping Victoria award winner in 2016 and 2014 plus many other awards as seen on the Awards page
  • Coastal, frost, water efficiency and drainage issues are all specialties
  • Designs based on the KIS principle - 'Keep it Simple' hence over-design of spaces is eliminated and looks far better as a result
  • Sustainable landscapes - from the natural garden to a formal garden, these can all be managed within the sustainable framework
  • Irrigation by SW Victoria's professional irrigation expert for gardens 0408 825 625 [David] who charges a fee for his consultation
What does Timandra D&L offer their clients?
1) Consultation/advice with Alison [1 to 2 hours on site] with exterior design ideas from an award winning landscape designer and horticulturist. A fee is charged commensurate with Alison's awards and 22 years of business knowledge.
2) Design - all designs are based on improving the value of the property; these range in style from formal to natural, using native and/or exotic plants - sustainability is paramount throughout the process to be lasting
3) Scaled plan - quoted for through a consultation - these are professional, by a multi-award winning landscape designer  and are charged accordingly starting at $1,100.
4) Landscaping by TD&L
5) Maintenance. This service is for all maintenance enquiries, not just gardens designed by Timandra. And it is a totally professional service! Fees are charged by the hour and are charged according to the quality of the work and knowledge
6) Significant follow up service [conditions apply] - please ask
7) Plant brokerage providing clients, after consultation, with plants direct from the wholesalers for their gardens and delivered to site if needed
8) Alison endorses the 'natural playground' concept and has experience with design of these all-inclusive spaces
9) Professional turf consultant
10) Permaculture - not as easy as people think! Permaculture needs to be site specific
11) School kitchen gardens - establishing gardens with children and teaching them how to manage these kitchen gardens
12) Irrigation by a professional irrigation expert. The necessary legal permits are covered.


To book an on-site consultation with Alison please phone 0418 825 625.   Please click on the Houzz logo to see photos of client's gardens and testimonials.                                                 

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