Looking for that awe-inspiring garden? One that really stands apart; that will add significant value to your property?

 Smart people want their gardens to look individual - not cloned. This is where good design comes to the fore, followed by high grade landscaping. There is a difference and Timandra's many awards speak volumes. And they have been doing this for a combined 42 years!

The initial consultation is essential to developing not only a good rapport with clients, but to understand the client's needs while also offering professional, skilled advice about design ideas and plant choices. Given a budget to work with, Alison will design a client's  garden around this amount. But potential clients need to realise that design and landscaping is expensive when done by award winning professionals. If you want cheaper work, where multiple quotes are sought, then Timandra is not the right business for you. Timandra are the leaders in Landscape Design in SW Victoria, and are on par with their counterparts in Melbourne and Adelaide. Timandra's work region expands throughout SW Victoria and now SE South Australia. If you are looking for a landscape design business that can make your property stand apart, then Timandra is the place to start.

Timandra's areas of expertise -

  • Professional Horticulturist with significant plant knowledge
  • Landscape Victoria award winner for a sustainable landscape in 2014 plus many other awards in South Australia
  • Coastal, frost, water efficiency and drainage issues are all specialties
  • Designs based on the KIS principle - 'Keep it Simple' hence over-design of spaces is eliminated and looks far better as a result
  • Designing gardens for clients that can be entered in the award process. This is value-adding to your property
What does Timandra D&L offer their clients?
1) Consultation with Alison [1 to 2 hours on site] with design ideas from a multi-award winning landscape designer and horticulturist. This is professional exterior design and so is charged accordingly
2) Design - all designs are based on improving the value of the property; these range in style from formal to natural, using both native and exotic plants - sustainability is paramount throughout the process and is an area of expertise
3) Scaled plan - quoted for through a consultation
4) Landscaping by TD&L
5) Maintenance by TD&L overseen by Alison
6) Significant follow up service [conditions apply]
7) Plant brokerage providing clients with plants direct from the wholesalers for their gardens and delivered to site - in conjunction with a scaled plan only
8) Alison endorses the 'natural playground' concept and has experience with design of these all-inclusive spaces
9) Design and establishment of commercial sites that work with Ecotourism
10) Professional turf consultant
11) Conservation and re-vegetation projects
12) Permaculture - not as easy as people think! To do this properly, one needs to have a lot of horticultural knowledge in order to recommend plants appropriate to a site. There is no modification allowed, as permaculture is akin to sustainability
and so has to work with the site as it presents. It takes years of hands-on gardening to get this kind of knowledge and is not picked up through books, even those of Mollison or Holmgren, as most of their writings are based on tropical/sub-tropical
sites. Permaculture needs to be site specific.
13) School kitchen gardens - establishing the gardens with children and teaching them how to manage these kitchen gardens.


To book an on-site consultation with Alison  please phone 0418 825 625. 


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