A specialist service providing sustainable garden design and landscaping that is environmentally friendly:

insulation to the house; soil appropriate plants and sustainable approach to garden design

For a consultation with Alison please phone 0418 825 625

Garden design that stands apart adds considerable value to the price of a home. From large country gardens to small courtyards, a good designer needs to have the plant knowledge and skillful design capability to adapt to any given situation. And Alison’s award-winning designs are converted into superb landscaping by David. A prize-winning team to provide clients with the best service! 


Timandra is one of the leaders nation-wide, in sustainable garden design. With 25 years as a registered specialist sustainable design and landscaping provider, and significant awards in both SA and Vic, this experience is telling. Alison has been designing gardens for over 35 years, with Timandra first registered in January, 1995.

Sustainability can use plants that are native, exotic or both. It is about how the site is interpreted from the outset. These gardens are designed to last. Alison’s design skill will enable advice on any style of garden; the prerequisite being the style of home that the garden is to embrace. The word sustainable is used as a catch-word by others who have no understanding of the true meaning. Alison is a sustainable landscape design expert, with numerous industry awards to match.

It costs money to remove an existing garden. So gardens of poor design and landscaping can effectively reduce a property price if previous work has been done badly. Substandard design and landscaping can have significant negative flow-on effects.

If you want quality from the outset, it’s better to use a business that has 25 years hands-on experience and awards to match. Timandra is that business, able to compete with Australia’s best for sustainability, but choosing to live and work regionally, providing top quality gardens at regional prices.

Alison makes every effort to retain what she thinks will work with a new design. But some plants are just not worth retaining, especially if they are short-lived. Alison’s designs are classic, working well with both contemporary and traditional designs. But she uses plants that last, with styles that last. Her work is not remotely fad-driven; that will be outmoded within a couple of years. Alison also respects the use of lawn as a sustainable choice, with a variety of plants for biodiversity.

Well designed, sustainable gardens entice a  variety of birds to the garden. They are also low-maintenance after a few years, because the plants are properly spaced from the outset, not requiring pruning to keep them within bounds. 

Timandra provide a without-par follow-up service for landscaping clients. This is provided free to clients with conditions. But this service, for 2 years post completion of the project, is paramount to the long-term longevity of the project. A real rapport is then developed with Alison and the client over this period, with every assistance given to ensure that the garden continues to thrive beyond her visits. Its about professionalism and leadership in the industry. Timandra is without a par in Victoria as sustainable landscape providers, from Mt Gambier through to Geelong and beyond by arrangement.


Timandra Design & Landscaping areas of speciality:

  • Professional Horticulturist with significant plant knowledge – Alison uses classic plants in her garden designs with 25 years of experience as a designer
  • Arborist and arboriculturist – advice re tree care and tree health, formative pruning, reports to council
  • Landscaping Victoria award winner in 2014 and 2016 plus other awards from South Australia
  • Coastal, frost, water efficiency and drainage issues are all specialties
  • Designs based on the KIS principle – ‘Keep it Simple’ hence over-design of spaces is eliminated and looks far better as a result
  • Sustainable landscapes – from the natural garden to a formal garden, these designs can all be managed within the sustainable framework. 25 years of experience designing and landscaping sustainable gardens
  • Irrigation by SW Victoria’s professional irrigation expert for gardens 0408 825 625 (David).

What does Timandra Design & Landscaping offer their clients?

  1. Consultation/advice with Alison [1 to 2 hours on site] with exterior garden design ideas. A fee is charged commensurate with Alison’s awards and over 25 years of designing gardens.
  2. Design – all designs are based on improving the value of the property; these range in style from formal to natural, using native and/or exotic plant.  Good design is essential to a good garden and its ongoing viability. And a good garden should have quality impact through all the seasons, not just spring.
  3. Scaled plan or Conceptual plans can be considered for prospective clients with a consultation. Plants can be provided through Timandra Plant Brokerage
  4. Landscaping by TD&L
  5. Maintenance – This service is for all gardens designed by Timandra. And it is a totally professional service! Fees are charged by the hour and are charged according to the quality of the work and knowledge
  6. Significant follow up service [conditions apply] – please ask
  7. Plant brokerage providing clients, after consultation, with plants direct from the wholesalers for their gardens and delivered to site if needed. Charged at retail price but direct from wholesalers so totally fresh!
  8. Irrigation by a professional irrigation expert. The necessary legal permits are covered.



Another link also of interest is www.alisonaplinart.com.au  showcasing Alison’s abstract art able to be viewed in Timandra Garden by the Sea by appointment

To book an on-site consultation with Alison please phone 0418 825 625.

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