Timandra Plant Brokerage

Sourcing and supplying quality plants direct from accredited wholesalers by a reliable plant broker.

Timandra’s plant brokerage service is unique in the industry. It is another quality service that David and Alison provide to clients wanting to manage the landscaping themselves,  with guidance from Alison.

Timandra provide all landscaping clients with the best available quality plants in Australia – from a variety of different states. They are freighted to our regional depot for collection and dispersal to clients. This ensures that your plants are in peak condition at the time of planting. We use a variety of different wholesalers ensuring that we maintain a diversity of plants for our projects. It is not sustainable to bring plants to the area from afar – this is acknowledged, but if you want quality, variety and that unique touch to your garden, then Timandra are willing to forego this oversight. Why should regional gardens be any less than metropolitan gardens?

Good gardens are reliant on top quality plants. The fresher they are the better.

Plants direct from the wholesalers are totally fresh. They are charged at retail prices. Unique bird baths are also freighted for Timandra. 


Thank you Alison and David so much for the most productive consultation. We were both so impressed and feel very motivated to get started.” Testimonial from Mandy Cooper (Oakbank South Australia,  and son Tom, Penola SA) 10-7-18.

Non-landscaping clients can also avail themselves of this service. These clients can order what they want from Timandra, or else the plant selection can follow on from a consultation with Alison (recommended). Hard-to-find plants are managed as are big trees and all other plant varieties. Freight is included in all of the costs.

Larger orders can be quoted for. There is no discount for any orders, considering the quality of the plants, the logistics of freighting plants to SW Victoria and the fact that we often have to collect plants from depots if there are large trees involved. We can also deliver the plants direct to you upon request.

This is another Timandra quality service.