TIMANDRA GALLERY – a collection of photos

Timandra Design & Landscaping are leaders in the field of sustainable landscape design. Numerous awards of excellence have been achieved in both Victoria and South Australia.

The photos below are testament to the high quality of design and workmanship. Notice the lack of hard landscaping (except two photos where the gardens have worked around existing concrete and paving) as concrete, paving or rendered retaining walls. These gardens are all sustainable, using plants to make the garden picture.

Sustainable gardens are real gardens. They bring birds to your garden plus frogs and other natural critters in sync with a healthy environment. All plants are selected to work with the existing conditions of your site, so that expensive modification is not required.

And sustainable gardens last.

Timandra offer a brilliant follow-up service  ensuring that the garden provided by them remains viable long-term. Many modified gardens have a short life span. There is considerable ignorance amongst landscapers about plants, hence the importance of using a horticulturist as your garden designer. 

Knowledge of a broad range of plants, as is so evident with Alison, is imperative to a genuinely sustainable garden. Others profess to have this knowledge. But Timandra’s claims are clearly substantiated with the 2 most recent Landscaping Victoria awards of excellence.

To find out more about Timandra, phone Alison on 0418 825 625.